The individual output

1. The communication with colleagues and peers of the eProfessors Network is opening new opportunities to create synergy effects, which can have a personal impact on a member for the development of resources and business relations on a long term basis.

2. The Network will make available to its members a permanently updated “Peers Register” (the first will appear in 2014). The Peer Register is a guide containing contact information and other areas of public interest, i. e. professional and specialized information for public service appointments.. The data to be gathered therein will of course be sanctioned by the member before publication.

The Peers register will be supplied to companies, organizations and associations, etc. for further purposes, e.g. for the grant of contracts, studies. research projects and of course for the requirement of professional competence and expertise

What personal tools will you need to benefit from membership advantages ?

A personal Website

Professors Network can be accessed in English under

The maintenance of this site is operated by our administrator. The members are listed there in alphabetical order and later by geographical origin (country).

From there, individual sub-domains (member sites) are directly accessible, as we set up your individual sub-domain.


We produce for each member of the eProfessors Network a personalized page, which displays valuable information about you, your skills and qualifications. The content is tailored according to your specifications. Of course, you can add further presentations or extended content at any time. Your sub-domain is a program which is designed and adapted to your needs, and without any programming knowledge your can easily make additions, changes or deletions of content. Insertions such as images, video presentations, etc. are possible at any time according to your needs and requirements.

Your sub-domain is also the communication device and portal for candidates, students / clients as well as a starting point for all personal electronic communication, for which you will receive a personal e-mail account


Of course, this e-mail can also be redirected to your alternate e-mail.

To setup all of the above services, including a personalized and designed website we charge a one time fee of € 475,- All Payments shall only be transferred upon receipt of an official invoice.

To order, please mark the relevant items on your membership application form


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