The “eProfessors Network” is a self-governed non-profit association linked and organized and founded by the University of Northwest Europe and supervised through the Office of the Provost who performs quality control, executive leadership together with other officials elected from the members of the eProfessors Network, who are entrusted with the fulfillment of special tasks.

The governing body shall perform advisory and informative tasks. The network itself conducts no economic activity and functions only as a “quality resource network” facilitator, resource advisor and coordinator for ist members.

Membership applications are carefully scrutinized and measured to common international standards, i. e. membership status is a quality label and an assurance for customers and learners that the member of the eProfessors Network meets high academic standards and has necessary skills and experiences to act in that function, which will be recorded, documented and certificated by the network.

The network is composed only of persons who meet the qualifying criteria. It is an independent network of professors, lecturers and academics from a variety of academic career fields, who join the network based on their free-standing and individual decision. The fundamental objective of the network is to create the pooling of joined forces and resources of all kinds (human, peers, quality, international, etc.), in order to achieve high-level efficiency of teaching and research, with an added value for its members:

“They communicate with each other – they learn from each other – they develop new ideas – they benefit from each other – they bring new inputs contributing to an expansion for all concerned”


Administrative Office
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6464 EP Kerkrade
The Netherlands

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