1. Applicants for Class A, B or C fill in the attached

Application for membership form.

2. The following documents must be attached:

A curriculum vitae
A recent passport-size photo
Copies of your highest academic and/or professional diploma
A copy or other evidence of your teaching status (appointment certificate)
The application may be returned by e-mail, fax or postal services to:

eProfessors Network

c/o University of Northwest Europe

Heyendallaan 58
NL 6464 EP Kerkrade
Fax: +31-(0)45-7113340

What happens after a positive rating?

After approval of the application a certificated confirmation is given that the applicant meets the criteria for Membership (class A, B or C) of the eProfessors Network. A membership certificate as Certified Member of the eProfessors Ntework is issued.

Members may be admitted to the following categories *):

Category A1: Honorary Membership (Five star member) / Excellence eProfessor

Category A2: Four Star Member / Distinguished eProfessor

Category A3 and B1: Three Star Member / Approved eProfessor

Category B2: Two Star Member / Associate eProfessor / eLecturer

Category B3: one star Member / Adjunct / eProfessor / eLecturer

*) The classification in each category is based on proven skills and achievements as determined by the Election Committee of the eProfessors Network.


Administrative Office
Heyendallaan 64 B
6464 EP Kerkrade
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)45-7113339
Fax: +31 (0)45-7113340