Membership Benefits

Teaching assignments

1. Members who take over teaching and research duties perform these tasks as part of a freelance engagement on a contractual basis for a stipulated period of time with the respective institution.

The supervision of student research projects on the steps of diploma, licentiate, bachelor, master, is also provided via a separate study supervision contract which establishes a reasonable fee for these services.

2. Members of the eProfessors Network who are teaching on behalf of an institution may also serve students of other institutions who wish to take a limited amount of courses on an individual tutorial basis in order to obtain continuing education credits. Such measures may be carried out via distance learning, e-learning, online tutorials, and other Web-based methods such as “blended learning” The tutors work with their students individually and are self-determining to stipulate time and place for respective communications and (e) meetings … up to the maturity exam in each course in which they may be also involved to conduct performance assessments. The tutors work will be validated by the eProfessors Network and may be applied for further study.

Performing specialized trainings

Certified members of the eProfessors Network are authorized to accompany academic performance and evaluating. It is conceivable that members recruit and acquire applicants from their own environment and bring in students who, due to the changing structures in professional environments have noticed a need for professional adaptation through highly specialized training. This requirement can be met through qualified individually centered and tailor-made training programs which can be offered by members directly in their fields of expertise. The member guides and counsels the student independently through the training process. Such trainings will be accepted by an institution to continue study. The honorarium you determine and calculate is directly billed between you and your client. The transfer of credit and academic achievement is then validated as part of the enrollment at an institution, which will then issue a validation certificate and entitles a student to continue studies in a full study program. Through the collaborative eProfessors Network students may thus benefit from a validated credential.

For such measures UNorthwest will provide an “orientation curriculum” which serves as a “guide” for conducting these external trainings. The so-flow studies are labeled as electives and will be credited towards a Certificate, diploma or full academic course at an institution.


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