The „eProfessors Network“

The “eProfessors Network” is a community of peers, which has been formed from members of different academic disciplines. It is a “Quality Resource Center” consisting of independent professors, lecturers and experts from academia, industry and the professions, businesses and other spheres of public life who have joined forces together in an organization in order to fulfill common goals and objectives. The network conducts only true conceptual tasks and non-profit functions and is acting as facilitator, whereby its members are practicing in the areas of education, science, economy and society, especially for the following services:

Transfer of responsibilities in teaching and research, quality improvement in the field of “e-learning” ,training and qualification processes for the optimization of “e-learning”, institutional advice and support for IT-supported teaching and learning processes, continuing education, training and certification of eProfessors, eLecturers, tutors and staff, as well as institutional Quality Assurance and Personnel Certification.

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Administrative Office
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The Netherlands

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